Company Ethos

Company Ethos


SSQC’s core values are vitally important and critical to the success of the business;


  • Customer Satisfaction – SSQC will strive to exceed customer expectations.  SSQC will continue to seek feedback from customers and make improvements where necessary.  Above all the company will continue to provide excellent levels of customer service to all clients.


  • Quality – SSQC will set and maintain high standards across all areas of operation.  Performance will be monitored, and reviewed against these standards regularly.


  • Innovation – SSQC are committed to delivering innovative solutions to customers’ needs.  When opportunities or challenges arise innovative methods will be applied to find the best outcomes.


  • Value for Money – We aim to offer our customers value for money across all services provided by the company.


  • Environment – Protecting and preserving the environment is a core value of SSQC.  Environmental considerations are part of all operations within the company.