Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

In recent years SSQC has developed a consultancy services section focusing on social, economic and community projects.


The following projects have been undertaken by SSQC:


Shetland Aquaculture Heritage Exhibition


SSQC was awarded funding from The Shetland Fisheries Local Action Group, Shetland Islands Council and Shetland Aquaculture Trust to develop a Shetland Aquaculture Heritage Exhibition.


The main aim of this project was the development of a fishing related exhibition in a community facility aimed at both the local and tourism markets. It was based around an interpretation project which aimed to enhance the heritage of the aquaculture sector.  Parts of the project were aimed specifically at young people placing the fishing sector in context with our culture, our past and our future.  This included children’s activities and educational resources, which were sent to all schools in Shetland.


This project centred round an exhibition detailing the history of the Shetland aquaculture industry from its current inception in the early 80's to the present day with reference to previous attempts to rear fish dating back to the 1920’s. The exhibition was developed alongside Scalloway Museum volunteers and displayed in the Scalloway Museum.


Overall this was a community based project focusing on appreciation of our marine environment. 


Aquaculture Oral History project


Following on from the Shetland Aquaculture Heritage Project undertaken in 2013, Shetland Aquaculture approached SSQC with a view to expanding the oral history element of the project – to enable an audio record of the history of the aquaculture industry from inception to the current day to be created. Over the next two years Mr L Watt will conduct and record interviews with persons linked to the aquaculture industry.


Community Impact Study of the Shetland Seafood Sector


SSQC Ltd has secured funding from The Shetland Fisheries Local Action Group, Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Aquaculture Trust and Shetland Fishermen’s Association to undertake a community impact study of the Shetland seafood sector.  The study aims to gather, analyse and present data to gauge and assess the current impact of the seafood sector on the communities of Shetland.   The results of the study will inform the people of Shetland of the impact of the seafood sector on their communities, in order to raise appreciation and awareness of the industry.  In particular the study wishes to raise awareness among the younger generation and educators in the islands on how important the seafood sector is currently and will be in future years.


Diana Abernethy has been appointed as project office for this post, Diana has over ten years’ experience in undertaking impact studies. If you wish to find out more about the study please contact her using the contact us page.